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    Ricami azienda Tessuto Artistico Umbro

    About us

    Values beyond time ...

    Our history

    Since the Middle Ages, in the green heart of Italy, an ancient tradition has been handed down, that of a weaving with a rustic but refined taste. We keep it alive every day, because we believe that each fabric has its own story, the one we imagine and the one we create by making it.

    Soft and sunny shades seem to cross the precious textures of linen, hemp and cotton, emanating scents of other times. Sobriety and at the same time elegance of a classy and refined fabric that distinguishes and enhances any environment.

    And it is still today, since 1995, that in our laboratory in Montefalco the fabric is produced and patiently enriched by expert hands, with ancient embroideries to enhance the refinement of the fabrics. In the name of values ​​that time has not wasted, we produce fabrics of unique beauty suitable for every environment and need, the result of weaving, through the art of the hand loom that from ancient times still survives in the tradition of master weavers.


    Surround your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom and your whole home with our unique products.


    Discover the beauty of our linen, our linen blend and our cotton. You will fall in love with it.


    Our laboratory creates collections for all tastes: from the most sober and elegant themes to the most colorful and fantasy ones.